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Sri vidya meditation

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What practices shall be followed to master Sri Vidya Sadhana? What does each mantra of Sri Vidya Sadhana mean? I've taken Sri Vidya Deeksha from a Guru, I want to understand the meaning of each mantra, to have the emotion while I recite the matra. I've taken Sri Vidya Deeksha from a Guru.

Once you have taken Deeksha the only person capable of answering your questions is your Guru itself. We are no one here. More so since all your questions are related to the Sadhana into which you are being initiated. I want to understand the meaning of each mantra, to have the emotion while I recite the mantra.

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Those who do mantra japa without knowing its meaning and consciousness and without knowing the Yonimudrafor them even crores of japa can't bring mantra siddhi.

The yonimudra part in the verse is of course irrelevant to your question but knowing the meaning of mantra is important. In some other text, those who do mantra japa without realizing its meaningare compared to the donkeys which carry loads of sugar. Priye,mantra japa should be done with unflinching concentration and constantly meditating upon the meaning of the mantra in mind. Since you have already taken a deeksha from a Guru, is it not better to find the meanings of those mantras from the same guru?

Because a word has many meanings and he will explain with a meaning which will suit your attitude and temper better. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago.

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sri vidya meditation

Hiren Hiren 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. If you have Guru, then the question is best answered by him.

Besides, mantras work even if you don't know the meaning. When you touch a very hot object, it will burn you whether you know beforehand it is hot or not. Mantras are vibrations, their vibrations will work on you whether you know the meaning or not.

Sri Vidya – The Most Powerful Gateway to Kingdom Of Bliss

Active Oldest Votes. I've taken Sri Vidya Deeksha from a Guru, Once you have taken Deeksha the only person capable of answering your questions is your Guru itself. This is important. You should learn the meaning of the mantra from your Guru. See the following verses and you will know why knowing the meaning of mantras is important. MantrArtham Mantrachaitanyam YonimudrAm na Vetti Yah SatakotijapenApi Tasya Siddhirna JAyate Those who do mantra japa without knowing its meaning and consciousness and without knowing the Yonimudrafor them even crores of japa can't bring mantra siddhi.

KulArnava Tantram,Chapter 15,Verse Rickross Rickross Always a sadhak requires a Guru. Without a guru, it is almost impossible as he guides you.

sri vidya meditation

Like any library, Hinduism Stack Exchange shares great information, but does not offer personalized adviceand does not take the place of seeking such advice from any Acharya, Pundit, astrologer, Guru or other trustworthy Counselor.

The Overflow Blog.Vishoka Meditation is grounded in the direct experience of Buddha, Patanjali, and a long line of Siddha Masters. So far in the west, partial techniques have been introduced as independent systems of meditation.

This tendency compromises the efficacy of such meditative techniques, and meditators are left with limited results. Vishoka Meditation is not just a technique, rather, a complete system to reclaim our inner radiance and train our mind to remain clear, focused, firm, productive, and joyful in all circumstances and situations in life.

sri vidya meditation

This timeless practice is taught succinctly in the Yoga Sutra and elaborated by the masters in the Sri Vidya Tradition of Tantra. Vishoka Meditation is taught in three successive stages. The first stage is meant to help us balance the ecology of our body, calm our nervous system, restore our inner equilibrium, and lead the mind to its home base, ajna chakra—the joyful and radiant space of consciousness at the center of the forehead.

This stage of the practice enables us to conquer our self-defeating tendencies, and become master of our mind and a loving friend of our heart. The mastery of the first stage of Vishoka opens the door to the second stage of the practice, which is for unleashing the unbound powers and possibilities hidden deep in our own mind. This leads to the third and final stage—experiencing our oneness with our primordial friend, provider, and protector, the Divinity that resides in all of us.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help you immerse in the practice and gain first-hand experience found only in deeper states of meditation.

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Meditate with thousands of like-minded practitioners in an unprecedented effort to reshape the course of human history. In a world full of unrest, fear, and doubt, we need to reconnect with our inner light now more than ever. Thursday, May 21, pm — Monday, May 25, pm.

Himalayan Institute Retreat Center. Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD. Details Start Thursday, May 21, pm. End Monday, May 25, pm. Topic Meditation. Type YLM Intensive. Phone Website www. Guest Info For guest information about staying at the Himalayan Institute:. Need Help? Call Us: You May Also Like June 4—7, June 25—28, July 24—26, September 25—27, Join the Practice. Change the World. Year Long Meditation.Chapter 1 Introduction 37 1.

Purification of the mind 38 2. Spiritually charging your mind 39 3. Stabilizing the spiritual mind power 41 Chapter 2 What we need to know before 42 we begin our practise Chapter 3 Sri Vidya Meditation 51 Chapter 4 Spiritually charging your mind 55 7.

Hinduism is more a League of Religions than a single religion with a definite creed. Hinduism has, within its fold, various traditions like Ganapatyam, Kowmaram, Saivism, Saktism, Vaishnavism and Sowram. The Ganapathya expresses the ultimate truth, that the creator lord Ganesha was the cause of creation. The Kowmaram understands the life as winning over the evils.

Saivam explains the concept of the five elements and the path of meditation. Sowram worships the solar energy as the Supreme Being. But, Sri Vidya is known as Brahma Vidya, which is the non-dualistic — advaitha philosophy, Athma Vidya - the great realization of the Athma.

Maha Vidya means the great one and Sri Vidya, is the ultimate knowledge that one can realize. Sri Vidya is the philosophy of Global Oneness. It is a sect, cult or a fellowship which is defined by a Sanskrit word Sampradaya that comes from Saktism which is a branch of Hinduism.

Sri Vidya is based upon the oneness of the Universe and refers to it as the Mother Goddess - Lalitha, who is the unified form of Siva and Sakti - the male and female energies. It is intended to furnish a right method of philosophical enquiry into every subject and object of human knowledge, including the process of reason.

It is a non-dualistic approach. It is a method for attaining peace, concentration and Godliness. It is a theory and practice of becoming, which is the real transformation from the unreal to the real. There is however, a traditional path of Sri Vidya, which is nothing other than the attainment of realization through personal penance and rituals.

They also worship and meditate upon the Sri Yantra the Goddess. They separate themselves from the real world, thinking themselves as people of high purity. There is a strong misconception towards the tantric cult regarding the adoption of certain rituals that are related with the usage of Mamasa fleshMatsya fishMadya wineMudra gesturesand Maiduna fornication.

In the light of vedantic realization the word Mamsa has been 9 explained as the sacrifice of earthly attachments, the Matsaya denotes the unrest of the mind and mastery over such senses, Madya means the nectar emerging from the top of the head and coming down through the inner tongue while practicing kundalini yoga, Mudra are the meaningful communications with the divine energy and Myduna denotes the unifcation of the male and female concepts within oneself.

However, after twenty years of my saint hood and the practice of Sri Vidya, I realized that I had been directed by the Great mother Goddess to develop our conscious awareness of Sri Vidya by not only performing rituals, but as a process of transcendence in the present time and space through meditation and selfless service for which I am in need of writing texts to explain the new dimension.

Thus evolves the Sri Vidya meditation. Sri Vidya meditation leads to global unity, peace and happiness. It is an integral philosophy which goes beyond all the discriminations of class, caste, creed and religion.Atlanta, GA: Sri Vidya sadhna meditation is the purest, holiest and also the most powerful mediation of the universe.

It is the highest form of tantra, mantra and yantra sadhna and Ma Lalita Tripursundari is its presiding deity. Sri in the Hindi language denotes extreme respect and is used as an honorific prefix for esteemed people.

The term vidya depicts the colossal profundity of universal wisdom inherent in it. Legend has it that all the Gods themselves have performed this sadhna.

Kundalini awakening: The latent consciousness within us is termed as the Kundalini. Awakening of this serpent power leads to inexplicably large number of benefits from money, fame, mental equipoise, radiant health, satisfaction, unconditional love for all, attainment of all the existing boons to Moksha. Sri Vidya hastens the awakening, inducing massive spiritual upliftment besides blessing with the luxuries and comforts of the material world.

All the 7 chakras and the elements inherent in them too get activated. Other material benefits of this powerful sacred process includes all relationships becoming cordial, there is infinite shower of wealth, confidence, wisdom, health, abundance and prosperity, the souls of the ancestors which may have been in the lower worlds get ascended, any black magic, vaastu dosha, bhoomi dosha, kaal sarpa dosha is nulllfied, major hurdles in life are averted, the sadhak witnesses inner peace instant wish fulfillment, optimism, humbleness, soft spokenness, respect for the opposite gender, curing of all kinds of diseases, removal of stress, and bad habits etc.

After perishing once and being revived by Adi Shankracharya, Sri Vidya again went out of the mainstream, becoming an extremely limited practice belonging to a countable few. This is attributed to the fact that as times went by, negativity too spread and such powerful wisdom in irresponsible hands would have meant disaster. The spiritually awakened sages, who were also worldly wise, realized this and so the wisdom of Sri Vidya was entrusted only with a few, dependable and worthy seekers.

As a consequence, by 20th century, the sacred science was only with a handful of sages. And as ofit is reduced to being with only one living saint — Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji.


In the 21st century, the divine powers have ordained Baba ji to revive this otherworldly science of Sri Vidya. However, the past saints have believed that the science of Sri Vidya can only be transferred from an awakened soul of the Guru to His worthiest of disciple and one has to prove himself by showcasing exemplary scrupulousness.

But the benevolent soul that He is, Baba ji believes that the whole of humanity is worthy supatra for Him or at least will become when the transformation begins. He reckons all and sundry to be eligible for receiving the initiation into this otherwise esoteric meditation, preserve only of the pious niche. Baba ji has painstakingly attained mastery in this immensely sacred meditation after years of penance. But he has no qualms in parting with this hard got knowledge to the masses as he wants to make the most of His spiritual sojourn for His limited time on this planet.

His unconditional love for humanity at large makes Him share the holiest and the most closely guarded of divine methods which He Himself accomplished with extreme hard work and dedication after being initiated at a tender age of 8 by his Guru. He states in categorical terms that all the ills plaguing the modern mankind has their genesis in us forgetting our real selves. Sri Vidya, He believes will help stem the rot and lead not only the worshippers but their fellow beings into divine bliss.

Baba ji is a superb teacher. Such a complex discipline of Sri Vidya he makes short work of. So much so, that at the end of every Sri Vidya shivir, devotees learn the laborious nitty gritties of the meditation inside out.

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Esoteric Meaning of Sri Vidya [Part -1]

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Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore Upcoming Events.If the number of articles on the site appears daunting, just dive in and start looking around. The site is designed with many links to other pages so that you can easily move around here and there, like joyfully wandering in the Himalayas of meditation.

People of religion often speak of their founder or special person as himself being, being the representative of, or having experienced that which is described as indescribable, ineffable, transcendent or immanent, often thinking of their person as either the only one, or the final one in the history of humanity with such experience. The path of Yoga is not one of mere belief, but rather is a systematic way for each person to realize in direct experience his or her own unity with that infinite essence which is spoken of with so many names.

The Sanskrit word "Yoga" means "union," which is the union of the individual self or soul with the nondual, absolute reality. While Yoga can be described in different ways, it has to do with the realization through direct experience of the preexisting union between Atman and Brahman, Jivatman and Paramatman, and Shiva and Shakti, or the realization of Purusha standing alone as separate from Prakriti.

The word "Yoga" is virtually one and the same with the word "Samadhi," the deep, transcendent realization of the highest truth or reality.

sri vidya meditation

Each of these Sanskrit terms relates to the subtleties of Yoga as described in the various paths of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra. It is with great compassion for the few who share the authentic goals of traditional Yoga that I have created, and continue to revise and expand this website. I say "compassion" because I know that you are most likely in a minority amongst your family, friends, coworkers and community.

You are most likely in a minority within the church or other religious group in which you were raised. You are most likely in a minority amongst even people who claim to be practicing Yoga in our modern world. To move forward, seeking the highest Truth or Reality in the face of such opposition is worthy of compassion and support.

It is my sincere wish that this website serves you in this way. This site is devoted to presenting the ancient Self-Realiation path of the Tradition of the Himalayan masters in simple, understandable and beneficial ways, while not compromising quality or depth. These teachings of the sages of the Himalayas systematically lead one to the highest Realization of the center of consciousness. Most of the articles on this site came as a result of questions from people asking me for simple, straightforward, practical explanations about principles and practices of meditation.

When the site was originally quite "empty" of articles, some question would come, and this would lead to writing an article or creating a graphic image to try to clarify that point.

While simple explanations seem to sometimes grow into something more complicated, it is hoped that the articles here are presented in easy to understand language. This is said with a smile, as I truly find it humorous that such simple principles take so very many words, and that we end up with the appearance of complexity.

All we can do is cry, get frustrated, or laugh, and the laughter seems to be the more useful path. You will notice a common pattern among many of the articles, and that is to describe the universal inner process, which is systematic in nature. From outer to inner, through the levels and layers of our being, attention moves to the subtler and subtler aspects, finally leading the seeker to the pure, eternal center of consciousness, by whatever name you choose to call that center.

Many of the articles describe this same process using different language and metaphors, with each adding a slightly different perspective that might make that underlying process more clear. It is my sincere belief and experience that these principles and practices are universal, non-religious and non-sectarian. Admittedly, not all people agree with this. However, this is the stance from which I share, and say unequivocally that these principles and practices are applicable and useful to all people.

This is not to say that all cultures and religions are one and the same. If anyone does want to convert to some other religion, they will have to go elsewhere. Not only do I not do this, I do not even know how to do this, as I do not know the conversion rituals, rites or vows of any of the religions.

There is no intent or desire whatsoever to profess or proffer any Swami Jnaneshvara system of Yoga. We already have far too much of that in our modern world. These ancient teachings are universal and available to the whole of humanity.Shiv Yog connects a human being to the very source of creation. It starts with peace and tranquility and takes you all the way to cosmic consciousness. To learn how to become the master of your own life and destiny, we invite you to attend a Shiv Yog INTRO program at a location nearest to you or join the nearest Shiv Yog forum.

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Shiv Yog meditation is a potent, powerful tool to calm your mind and bring an all-pervading sense of peace into your life. It takes you from a state of unease to a state of quiet mindfulness. To start your journey attend a Shiv Yog Intro program at a location nearest to you. We are used to upgrading the software on every piece of equipment we have but we never upgrade the software of the most powerful machine on earth — the human organism. We never upgrade our own body and mind. As a result most human beings are content to lead lives based on scripts that came pre-loaded with their machines.

Shiv Yog can help you rewrite the script of your life and help you achieve that which your heart truly seeks. Upgrade the software of your life now! Avdhoot Shivanand. I live in Austria. Shiv Yog is promoting a healthy lifestyle. I work hard, every day, many days and my soul is now used to it. I work my soul with widita tiau sadhana that has been given to me by Shiv Yog.

I had this dream years ago too.

Sri Vidya Shrine

People, life, peaceful times and happy and making big things. Thank you Bless you. Namah shivay. To be so close to go was another big experience for me and the meditations you did with us were incredible, So high energy!

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And family responsibility you want to give us To hail up or Shiv Yog University in Austria makes me speechless. Thank you thank you for trusting us.

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Bless us that we even fulfill this job.

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