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Vw code 00285

Prawn Apr 23, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. So, chaps. Is this likely to just be a sensor at fault still? Or potentially something more sinister? Have people had much success with GSF wheel speed sensors? PrawnApr 23, A friend of mine had the ABS ring completely caked in brake dust, blocking most of the cutouts, we just cleaned it all up, blasted it with compressed air and he's had no fault codes since.

Worthwhile checking it out before paying for parts that you may not need. ImteyazApr 23, New sensor in and the lights have gone although the toothed ring did look pretty horrific, So I cleaned that one up too, but that would usually give a 'mechanical malfunction' fault code, so I'm guessing the sensor was dodgy.

vw code 00285

Had to smash it to get it out too! Happy days. PrawnApr 24, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?User Name Remember Me?

So my ABS light started coming on about a week or so ago. It would go off from time to time, but it is mostly on. Does this make sense? If so, where are the likely failure points?


As always, any help is most appreciated! Certified Volkswagen Nut Vendor. TDI s : There are just too many to list Drive the car slowly with the 4 wheels' measuring blocks up, and see if they all read the same at all speeds, from very slow to about 30 MPH. Many times it is just a dirty tone wheel, and a shot of compressed air will remedy the problem.

It is odd that both would fail at the same time though. Find More Posts by oilhammer. Will do. I gave the front sensors a shot of Deoxit when I was in there to do the bearings last week and no difference. And yes, the ABS light was turning on before I did my bearings.

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Looks like I am not as clever as I want to believe: which measuring blocks do i need to look at for each of the 4 wheels?

Go into the ABS module, go to measuring blocks start with and page up until you get to the screen that shows KPH for all 4 wheels. Have you found a solution to this issue? I am having the same issue on the rightside of a beetle. Originally Posted by dlmrem. TDI s : 04 jetta 5 spd wagon. Crud on the tone ring or sensor seems to be the issue.

This winter with so much snow, ice and associated slop, my 02 was triggering the ABS light with the same codes as the OP. Once the weather moderates and the wheels clear off, the light goes out. Find More Posts by fruitcakesa. Will be following along, my ABS light has always been on and I couldn't figure out why.

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I've replaced sensors and cleaned tone rings. TDI s : Golf,anthracite blue. I can feel pulsation when coming to a very slow, gradual stop with the wheels turned slightly. I would be interested to hear about a fix as well. Mine Golf is doing the same thing as JB05's, except that my wheels can be straight and still have it happen. Feel it occasionally when I take off, and when slowing down in mostly parking lot speeds. Says it is the right side. Tried cleaning the tone ring and the sensor After a while, it goes out, only to come on later in the trip.AudiLeon Feb 13, Log in or Sign up.

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vw code 00285

Hello, I got the following fault a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a new sensor and fitted it but it's still throwing up. I can't decide if it's wiring, ABS using or a knackered wheel bearing.

Fault codes 00285 and 00283? Help pleasee! :)

AudiLeonFeb 13, Haya, I had the same thing, along with some generic 'abs module' error codes later in. Cleared the codes and changed my battery, and it was actually my battery getting weak, as it drops the ECU starts shutting down unused modules, and eventually it doesnt have enough power to run the needed major modules effectively, then you start getting random errors on scans with the modules struggling.

I didnt have any battery warnings and car started fine, but i changed it after noticing my dash cam didnt stay in parking mode more than a day when it used to last a week. Research shows low battery throwing random module faults is super common.

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After you change the battery you will need Audi or a vag com user to code the new battery serial number so that it reverses the ECU module saving mode and runs everything full capacity again. There is a few threads saying how to do that if you can get the vag com. MeemoFeb 16, Thank you Meemo. I did a little investigating Sunday. To find a crack in the ABS ring on the back of the bearing. It's leaking fluid too. Ordered a fresh bearing and soaked it in plusgas.

Nice job for during the week and hopefully the cause of the issue. Also checked the wheel bearing at the rear cause that's been noisy, just down to extremely odd wear on the tyres. AudiLeonFeb 19, Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 13 August - PM. Im posting for a friend who had his brake warning light pop up on his pd Bora.

It happened after he had the car jacked up Not sure if this is the cause. Anyway i scanned it with Vagcom for him and came up with these Tried clearing them but just came straight back. If anyone has any idea to help we would really appreciate it.

Fault code 0287 008 / 012 ABS sensors- any ideas?

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Posted 13 August - PM i would sday the front two senors are gone or even the abs pump as that common also hope that helps. If so you must reset your password using the I've forgotten my password process. Failure to do so will result in your account being locked out! This is due to your password not being migrated across during our conversion.

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00285 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Front Right (G45)

Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. Our sponsors. Follow uk-mkivs on:.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: ABS Fault Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I appreciate any help I can get with this diagnosis.

It appears that there are several issues with my car. I've included 2 scans here. The first one is immediately after clearing the codes, the second one is before clearing the codes. I did not see that on my previous scan a few days ago.

vw code 00285

I purchased a new ABS sensor for the front right wheel, and replaced it last week, but it did not clear the error. I also attempted to measure voltage at the sensor while I moved the wheel to see if the sensor was working, but that test came back negative. Not sure I was able to get a good connection to the sensor, so inconclusive right now.

It doesn't make sense that a brand new sensor would be bad. I visually inspected the wire and the connector, and no obvious damage.

What would be a good way to test the harness? Does anyone have a diagram of the connector to show where to test the sensor wires for continuity? How do I determine if sensor, harness, abs module are good or bad?

Nothing for the right front. Excerpt from full scan: Code:. Last edited by Uwe; at AM. Reason: CODE tags. Been here? On newer cars, there might be a "C" code equivalent C being chassis.

I've fixed the thread tile. Lock-down of sick people: Quarantine Lock-down of healthy people: Tyranny. Load test the circuits. Check charging system and battery or change due to being weak. In Conjunction with Uwe liked this post. Post the WD lets seeHi i got a issue with code abs wheel speed sensor rear right wheel. I would take off the right rear wheel, brake pads and caliper, and finally the brake rotor and take a look at the sensor, tone ring, and wiring.

If you have a place to do this, this won't take long at all. I've had to replace both sensors in the rear, given your location, I wouldn't be surprised if you end up doing the same rust is an issue.

If you're looking for a solution that doesn't involve examining the sensor and tone ring, then you could try a self car wash to try and melt any ice or blow any sand out. You can use the measuring blocks to check out road speed reported by each ABS sensor. I'm assuming the RR is not reporting at all. Last edited by eb; December 5th, at When you get the rotor off it will be clear.

You're looking at the correct piece from behind with the connector. But the side that you need to check out is the other side. However, if you have a multimeter you can determine if the issue is the sensor by testing its resistance at the connector prongs you saw. TDI s : If you were spinning and spinning the front wheels it probably just confused the computer. Clear the fault and see if it comes back. Past: Sold to JDSwann's Brother. Bought back by VW. It means a lot to me!

I actually just replaced a rear wheel speed sensor on my car this evening.

VW Jetta ABS Light Diagnosed By VAG505 Sensor Fault Code 00285

I took some video and am editing it now. I'll drop a link here once it's uploaded. Blocks and they speed of all 4 wheels report back fine. I really dont get it, not sure what else it could be. So what codes come back after clearing the control module? Is the brake warning light on too? Originally Posted by avidos.

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